How To Adjust A Frameless Shower Door

If you frameless glass shower door leaks or you have a hard time getting it open, it likely needs adjusting. Frameless glass shower doors are made of tempered glass pieces, and they have a thin frame (semi-frameless) or no frame since the glass is heavy. The hinges attach directly to the frame or glass from the top or side. You should be able to make the adjustments yourself by following these steps.

Prepare to Adjust the Door

To adjust the frameless shower door, gather:

  • carpenter's square
  • Allen key
  • wooden shims
  • spray lubricant
  • sealer  

If the door has a thin frame, get an assistant to hold the door open, and set the level vertically where the door closes on the wall. If the level shows an upper bubble crossing with a line, have the door frame reset by a professional. Otherwise, proceed to make adjustments. 

Adjust Frameless Door With Side Hinges

Stand inside the shower, and get your assistant to shut the door, and use the correct hex key to loosen the two bolts to the left two turns. Close the door, and hold the handle while your assistant inserts a wood shim over the shower dam and under the door. 

Raise the handle as necessary while your assistant adjusts the shims to even the gap. Apply some sealer under the bolts, and let it dry, before you tighten them. 

Remove the shims, shut the door, tighten the bolts while your assistant holds the door, and recheck the alignment. Repeat the adjustment until you get the door even, and try adding a third hinge in the middle.

Adjust a Hanging Door

Sometimes, the rollers, or sliding wheels, come off track on hanging shower doors. To get the rollers back on track, raise the shower door ends, and mist the rollers with a lubricant to help them slide better.  

To remove the door, swing the bottom of the door to the rear of the shower. Raise the door until the wheels loosen from the track, and lay the door on a flat work surface, using an assistant to help, if needed. 

Check the rollers for damage, and replace them, if needed. Rollers commonly have flat or round edges, so use the old ones as a guide to buying replacements of the same kind. 

Use the screwdriver to loosen the screws in the rollers until it works smoothly, and adjust the plate so the metal rests on top of the glass. Reinstall the door, positioning the bottom away from the door frame, and tighten the hardware. To learn more, contact a company like Superior Frameless Showers.