Maintaining Your Windows With Ease

Shopping For New Windows? Vocabulary You Should Know To Avoid Fenestration Frustration

Are you thinking about upgrading your house with brand new windows? If you are like most people, you probably feel like you are visiting a foreign country when you step inside of the window showroom. As salespeople throw around unfamiliar jargon, it might be easy to feel intimidated by your decision. However, by brushing up on your window terminology, you can streamline your shopping trip. Here are some vocabulary words you should know to avoid fenestration frustration: Read More 

3 Considerations When Replacing Or Repairing Your Auto Glass

Auto glass is surprisingly strong and resilient, especially in modern-era vehicles. But in the end, glass is still glass, meaning that your windshield and other windows will always be vulnerable to breaks, chips and scratches. Unfortunately, addressing these issues isn't always as simple as slapping a new piece of glass into place. Here are three potential wrinkles in the process that can be smoothed out with the aid of skilled professionals. Read More