3 Tips For Preventing Fowl Repercussions To Your Windows

Have you ever heard a loud thump followed by the sound of glass breaking? Chances are, you have. It is not uncommon for birds to fly into the sides of a house, particularly the windows. It is estimated that around 365 to 988 million birds die from flying into windows. If a bird hits your windows hard enough, it can cause them to break. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent such fowl…err…foul instances from occurring.

Window Replacement the Right Way

After a bird has annihilated your glass window, your first step would be to replace the window. However, birds often crash into windows because they are either unable to see the glass or they see a reflection of the sky in the glass. Rather than simply replacing the window, replace the window the right way.

Ask a window repair specialist about installing mesh screens on your window. Mesh screens help protect your window and may even save the life of birds in flight. Rather than slamming into your window, the bird would instead hit the mesh screening, which can help prevent another broken window. Furthermore, the mesh makes the window more visible to birds, meaning they are less likely to hit the window to begin with.

You can also ask the specialist about windows that are less reflective. Many new windows have various options that you can choose from ranging from the number of panes they have – single, double, and even triple – to their reflective properties. Choosing a window that is less reflective when you replace your window can prevent birds from flying into them.

Window Film for Visibility

The goal is to ensure that windows are visible to birds in flight. One way you can do so is to have your windows replaced with frosted glass windows. Of course, not everyone has the money to replace their windows entirely. For some people, it is a matter of having the glass replaced or repaired. Fortunately, you can still make the windows more visible.

If you opt to have the glass itself replaced or repaired rather than the entire window, apply a highly visible window film to the glass. Ensure that the pattern is relatively close together, otherwise birds may still perceive openings in the design that they can fly through. For example, striped patterns spaced too far apart can look like openings wide enough for a bird to fit through.

Instead of using a striped pattern, use something that offers decent enough coverage that will deter birds away from you window. You can purchase stained glass decals to place over your windows. Not only do stain glass decals make your windows look pretty and let some color into your home, they also make your windows visible to birds.

Proper Placement of Bird-Friendly Items

If you have bird feeders and birdbaths outside your home, move them closer to the house. Moving bird-friendly items closer to the house ensures that birds cannot pick up enough speed to harm themselves or your windows when they fly away. Ensure that these items are with a few feet from your home at the maximum. At most, a bird may still hit the windows, but only hard enough to stun them rather than kill them.

If you find that birds are still flying into your windows and causing damage to them, speak to a glass repair or replacement professional. They may be able to offer other ways in which you can improve the visibility of your windows. Make sure you contact a professional, such as those at found at http://www.unitedglassaurora.com, as soon as you discover a broken window. The broken glass can cause serious cuts and abrasions if you are not careful.