Tips For Designing A Bathroom With A More Rustic, Outdoorsy Look

Your bathroom is a place where you should feel relaxed and at ease. What better way to create a relaxing space than by giving it a rustic, natural look? With the tips below, you can design a bathroom that has a woodsy, outdoorsy appeal that makes every morning and evening an indulgent experience.

Include a picture window with a view of the outdoors.

If you have a yard filled with mature frees or flower beds -- or even if you can see a beautiful scene like mountains or fields in the distance -- consider bringing this view inside to the bathroom. The idea of putting a huge picture window across one wall of what should be a private space may seem strange. However, there are specialty glass options that will allow light in and allow you to look out while blocking the view into your bathroom. In other words, you'll be able to see the outdoors, but your neighbors won't be able to see into your bathroom. This type of glass is often called one-way glass and is sold by many specialty glass and window companies. 

Choose a clear glass shower enclosure.

A great deal of the time you spend in the bathroom will be spent in the shower, so you want to ensure you can enjoy the bathroom's aesthetics while you wash. Choose a clear glass shower door, and you'll have an easy time embracing the look of your bathroom and also the view through the picture window while you shower. 

There are many varieties of shower enclosures, but to coordinate with your simple, rustic design, you're probably best off choosing a simple, three-sided glass enclosure that you place against one wall. A door that slides to the side will take up less space and make getting in and out of the shower easier. 

Choose wooden flooring.

Using wood in the bathroom might seem like a big faux pas, but it's impossible to create a rustic look without it! Luckily, wood fares a lot better in a humid bathroom environment than you might assume. Make sure the hardwood flooring you choose is well coated with a thick layer of polyurethane, and fill the cracks between the floorboards with wood putty. This will prevent water from seeping in between them. Also, be sure to have a top-notch ventilation system installed and always turn it on when you shower to keep humidity levels low.

Include a few green plants.

House plants actually do very well in a bathroom since they love a moist environment. Plus, with the picture window, they'll get plenty of sunlight. Some easy-to-grow houseplants to consider are snake plants and English ivy. Potted ferns can also give your bathroom a very woodsy, natural appeal. Consider placing a small, step-like shelving unit in one corner of the bathroom and placing a different potted plant on each step.

Choose fixtures that accentuate the flow of water.

You can't bring a natural waterfall into your bathroom, but you can have the next best thing. Choose a faucet that has a waterfall-like flow, along with a showerhead that pours water down from overhead in a rain-like manner. If you're feeling really inspired, you could even install a separate waterfall feature in your shower to let water flow down the wall for a decorative effect. Include a backlight on the wall where the water is flowing so you can easily see the "waterfall" even in dim light.

To learn more about your options for custom shower enclosures and other natural bathroom features, contact a remodeling contractor in your area. With the right design elements, stepping into your bathroom will feel like you're taking a walk in nature.