Smart Changes For Homeowners To Consider

The comfort level of a home is very important no matter how large or small it may be. Some homeowners are actually satisfied with living in a house that is not in top shape and needs a lot of work to be done. Even if you are comfortable with living in a house that needs work, it is important to make sure repairs are made to prevent a substantial amount of value loss. Read More 

Need A New Windshield? How To Get One At The Best Price

Riding around in a car when the windshield is cracked is a dangerous proposition. One wrong move such as hitting a bump in the road could be enough to send the glass over the edge, causing shards of the sharp material to cascade down over your lap and possibly injure you in the process. If your windshield has a jagged crack in it and you know it's time to replace it, use these tips to find out what you can do to get the glass replaced at a price that won't bust your pockets. Read More 

Ready To Upgrade Your Shower? Why A Frameless Glass Model Is The Best Choice

The bathroom is one of those rooms in the house that serves a multitude of different purposes. While the most obvious reasons to go into the bathroom is to relieve yourself, there's also nothing quite like taking a relaxing shower just before you go to bed or enjoying that same shower in an energizing way when you're headed off to work. If you have an older shower that has an outdated curtain or includes a door that runs along a track use this article to understand why it's time to switch to a frameless glass model instead. Read More 

3 Solutions To Make Windows More Energy-Efficient Without Completely Replacing Them

There are some window improvements that can be costly, such as replacement windows. What if you want to find an affordable way to make your windows more energy-efficient? There are some great options to make the windows more efficient with solutions like glass replacement, films, or adding shutters and other window treatments. Here are some solutions that will help make the windows in your home more energy-efficient. 1. Installing Residential Glass Films To Improve Window Efficiency Read More 

How To Adjust A Frameless Shower Door

If you frameless glass shower door leaks or you have a hard time getting it open, it likely needs adjusting. Frameless glass shower doors are made of tempered glass pieces, and they have a thin frame (semi-frameless) or no frame since the glass is heavy. The hinges attach directly to the frame or glass from the top or side. You should be able to make the adjustments yourself by following these steps. Read More