Tips For Maintaining Wood Windows

Installing replacement windows and sashes is an investment in your home, so you will want to make sure you properly care for that investment. If you opted for wood windows, you will need to follow a regular maintenance schedule to ensure they last for as long as possible. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Choose the right finish

Wood window frames and sashes can last for decades if they aren't exposed to the elements. Paint alone can protect the wood from moisture, but you need a little more protection when it comes to sun. This is especially true if the windows are on the south side of the home where high UV exposure occurs. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as choosing a paint that contains UV protection. These are available in nearly any color you desire, so it will be simple to paint the windows to match your home's trim.

Tip #2: Check the seal

One area that is sometimes overlooked but is a conduit for moisture is where the wood joins together and joins to the glass. Inspect these areas carefully to make sure they are properly caulked so that moisture can seep in. If the old caulk is cracked or damaged, remove any that remains with a razor blade and then replace it with a bead of fresh caulk.

Tip #3: Perform twice annual inspections

Inspect the window frames, especially the exterior, at least twice a year. After winter and in the fall are good times. Look for missing caulk and damaged or peeling paint. If the paint is beginning to fade, peel, or bubble, it's time to sand down the frames and apply a fresh coat of paint. If the paint is in relatively good condition with just one or two spots of damage, you can simply touch up these spots to prolong the current paint job.

Tip #4: Clean regularly

Dirt can pose a threat to wood windows. It can hide damage to the paint, allowing moisture rot to set in unnoticed. It can also trap moisture against the wood, which can lead to problems. In most cases you can simply wipe down the frames with a wet rag or hose them down when you are working in the yard. If the frames are exceptionally dirty, wash them with a soft-bristle brush and warm water with a household detergent added.

For more help in maintaining your new windows, contact a window replacement contractor in your area.