Attractive Ways To Use Glass During Your Bathroom Remodel

Glass is a reflective material, so it refracts light back into your space. This makes any room feel open and airy. What's more, glass is a relatively easy to clean surface. All of this makes the material ideal for your bathroom. Utilize glass in several ways for a glistening, open appeal in your bathroom.

Shower Enclosure

An obvious place for utilizing glass is in the shower enclosure. There are numerous ways to use glass for your shower. The easiest is to add a glass door to a walk-in shower. However, you can also have the entire shower stall enclosed in glass. As a bonus, a glass enclosure leaves the tile work visible.

It's possible to choose a pre-formed enclosure or customized version. Naturally, the pre-formed enclosure is more cost effective. However, a custom glass enclosure affords you more design options. For example, you can choose to have the enclosure made of floor to ceiling glass walls. With a seamless design, there are no metal rims to obstruct the view. You can also have such a glass enclosure sealed so the shower room can be used as a steam room.

Tile Work

Tile is another place where you can utilize glass as the material. Even when dry, glass tiles shimmer with the light they reflect, making them a natural for the shower stall. However, you can also utilize glass tile for the backsplash. For instance, Better Homes and Gardens describes a bathroom backsplash with light blue glass tiles. The set of the glass tiles adds visual depth to the vanity area.

Mirrored Vanity

Speaking of the vanity area, the vanity itself is another place for glass. It's possible to install a vanity made entirely of glass, which works very well in a modern-style bathroom. However, a more versatile option is a mirrored vanity. While many models are still contemporary in style, you can find attractive mirrored vanities in more traditional styles.

Rimless Mirrors

On the subject of mirrors, naturally your bathroom will include them. However, consider installing rimless mirrors, especially if you've opted for a glass tile backsplash. As with rimless shower enclosure, a rimless mirror offers no visual impediment.

Vessel Sink

A glass vessel sink is another attractive option. These can come in clear glass or colored glass. The sinks can be painted with color, or they can come in colored blown glass. A glass vessel sink can complement any décor style and makes a stunning topper for a mirrored vanity.

From the shower enclosure to your sink, glass is an attractive material for your bathroom. For more information, contact companies like A-Plus Glass Services.