Getting The Windshield Replaced On Your Car? Two Options You Have

If the windshield on your car has been damaged, it is important that you get it repaired. Even if there is a small chip, it can result in a large crack that spreads across the windshield. If you are having this replaced on your car, you have some options, two of which are listed below. This will ensure you are happy with the windshield replacement.

Types of Windshield Glass

There are three types of auto glass that you can choose from for your car: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass, aftermarket glass, and dealer glass.

OEM glass is certified by the manufacturer of the car, and it will be the exact same glass as what was originally in your car. Choosing this type of glass will ensure it fits perfectly on your car.

Aftermarket glass is the cheapest option of the three and commonly chosen by people with older cars. These companies are not contracted directly with the car manufacturer so the windshield may not be exactly the same as your previous windshield, but it should still work well.

With dealer glass, you will purchase the windshield directly from your auto dealership that has been authorized by your vehicle's manufacturer. The glass comes from the original OEM that made the glass when you care was brand new.

Windshield Sun Shade

When you choose the type of windshield you want for your car, you should consider having a sun shade installed on it. This will help prevent your car from becoming very hot inside of it during the summer months.

Sun coming through the windshield on very hot days can cause damage to the interior of your car, such as to the dashboard and seat materials. A sun shade will prevent this from happening. This also helps protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays.

With a sun shade, a laminated foam core is sandwiched between sliver reflective surfaces. Sun shades are very lightweight, so they do not cause any damage to the windshield. They can be rolled or unfolded over the windshield. They are made to fit windshields on any car or truck.

If you prefer, you can choose a sun shade that has images or a printed message. You can have the sun shade professionally installed on the windshield before it is placed on your car.

Talk with the windshield contractor from a company like Express Glass Inc. to learn more about this information if you have questions.