3 Tips to Prevent Soap Scum From Building Up on Your Shower Door

If you are like many people, one of your biggest issues in keeping your bathroom clean might be dealing with soap scum on your shower. Keeping your glass shower door clean can be a challenge, but if you follow these tips, you might just find that soap scum isn't a big issue for you at all anymore.

1. Use Body Wash Instead of Bar Soap

One big step that you can take to help avoid soap scum is to use body wash instead of bar soap. Not only do you not have to worry as much about soap scum building up on your shower door, but you can avoid it on your soap holder as well. Plus, you might find that body wash is a lot more sanitary if you share it with the others in your home. Luckily, there are tons of brands of shower gel and body wash out there that you can try, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding an option that you like.

2. Use a Rain Repellent on Your Shower Door

Another step that you can take to keep your shower door nice and clean is to apply a rain repellent to the inside of it. You can find rain repellent at any auto parts store; you'll want to look for the same formula that you would use on your windshield to help water run off of your glass when it's raining. If you follow the instructions when applying it, you can encourage water and soap to run right off of the shower door instead of building up on it.

3. Clean Your Shower Each Time You Use It

If you keep a bottle of your favorite natural shower cleaner and a squeegee in your shower, you can make cleaning your shower a whole lot easier. Just squirt on a little bit of cleaner, rinse your shower door, then use the squeegee to whisk away the water. This can help prevent both soap scum and water streaks from ever building up so you can keep your shower looking nice and clean all the time. Regularly cleaning will also greatly reduce the amount of time that you have to spend on cleaning your shower door.

Dealing with soap scum build-up on your shower door can be a major pain. However, if you follow these tips, you can help prevent this from being an issue. Then, you can enjoy a beautiful, sparkling glass shower door in your bathroom, which can look a whole lot better, and you can avoid spending tons of time cleaning your shower as well. For more information about maintaining your glass shower door, talk to professionals like Hanover Glass.