Tips For Custom Glass Elevator Design

If you are planning on having a custom glass elevator installed in your building, there is a good chance that you want it to be the best one possible for your situation and the aesthetics of your building. This is because having a custom elevator installed of any type represents a significant investment of money and time. You want to be absolutely sure that those resources are not wasted. Here are some tips for custom glass elevator design.

1. Decide the Roof of the Cab

There are three main roofs that you can get for the elevator cab. The first is a flat roof, which tends to be the easiest to worth with in terms of space. It is also more conventional than the other roof types. The second is a rounded roof, which will allow you to draw a lot of attention to the ceiling under which the elevator is operating because it will magnify it slightly. This is the best option if you really want to show off your ceiling. The final option is an octagonal roof, which will partially obscure the ceiling. This is a great option if you want to not draw attention to the ceiling. 

2. Determine the Frame You Want for the Cab

The next thing that you should consider is the frame for the cab. For a glass elevator, you have two real options. The first is a metal frame which will give the cab of your elevator a birdcage like appearance that many consider to be charming. This is best if a lot of the decor in the areas where this elevator will be located incorporates metal into it. You should have the color of metal that you use match the metal in your decor. Your other option is to have a glass frame, which will essentially make the frame indistinguishable from the walls of the cab. 

3. Figure Out Your Optimal Lighting

Finally, you need to figure out what the optimal lighting is for your situation. Take into consideration where in the building the elevator is going to be traveling, whether or not you want the lights to be on all the time or to turn on only when someone is inside the cab, and if you want light fixtures or for the LEDs to be embedded in the glass.

By looking at these three parts of a custom glass elevator, you should be able to figure out what kind is best for you. Talk with a glass company for more information about the kinds of glass available to you.