Shower Vs. Bath: How Do They Stack Up?

When you're deciding whether to spend your money on a tub or a shower, the members of your family might have different opinions. The questions below can help you be more objective about considering the question from all angles and deciding whether to get a bath or shower designed for your home:

Does Someone in Your Home Prefer Baths?

If someone in your house loves baths, that's definitely something to consider if you can accommodate them. If no one is crazy about bathing, know that good bathtub maintenance is more time consuming and often not worth it for occasional users.

Do You Have Plenty of Bathroom Access?

If you don't have enough bathrooms, time for using the bathroom or showering is probably at a premium in the morning and evening. With that setup, who will even have time to use a bath? You're probably better off sticking with a nice shower.

What Will Your Guests Think?

Truth be told, many people are skeeved out about using other people's bathtubs. If you get a nice tub, thinking your guests will appreciate it, that may not be the case. A highly functional shower with good water pressure is probably the best bet for guests.

What's the Difference in Water Usage?

This is hard to say, because only you know your family's water consumption patterns. Would you fill up the tub all the way, or just to cover your legs? How long is a typical shower in your family? But without knowing those details, a bath is better in terms of water usage if you're a more luxurious bather. For those who tend to do quick rinses, a shower can actually be better; why fill the entire tub when you're just going to be in it for a few minutes?

Which Is Better for Functionality?

A compact shower with a glass shower enclosure that has open sides is, arguably, the most functional arrangement of bathroom space. It takes up a very small footprint. The glass design and open construction allow people to more easily navigate the bathroom, and the enclosure will prevent tub leaks (when it's done correctly, with a glass repair and installation expert). With tubs, there's a lot more time spent filling and cleaning the tub, and it takes up more space.

Do You Even Have to Choose?

Really, if the decision is very hard, you might want to think about putting both in your budget. A nice tub with a ceiling shower head can be every bit as beautiful and functional as either option separately.

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