How Hurricane Windows Can Benefit Your Northern Home

Hurricane windows in hurricane-prone areas are a common thing. The windows are constructed to resist hurricane winds and impact from flying trees and debris. However, if your home is not in a hurricane-prone area, you should not limit yourself to just standard window options. These windows can really benefit a northern and Midwestern home too. Here is how.

What Is Hurricane-Proof Is Also Tornado-Proof

Other areas of the U.S., particularly the central and northern areas, see a lot of tornadoes during the warmer months of the year. Using hurricane windows that can sustain blasts of wind up to two hundred miles per hour means that your home can withstand the tornadic winds as well. Unless a level 5 tornado hits your home (which is very rare indeed), the hurricane windows will hold their ground and protect your home against shattered glass damage.

The Neighborhood's Street Ball Games Will Have No Effect Either

Unless you have the next All-Star Louisville Slugger playing ball in the street in front of your house, it is highly unlikely that a ball could smash hurricane windows. Most kids cannot hit or throw a ball faster than ninety miles an hour. That is barely the speed of the winds in a tropical storm. If a ball hits hurricane windows, the worst possible damage is maybe a small crack. Otherwise, your windows are quite safe against street ball damage.

Home Break-ins Are Much More Difficult

If an intruder is so bold and brazen to try and break into your home by smashing a glass window, he or she may have a very difficult and noisy time of it. A bat or crowbar would have to be swung with enough force against the glass to mimic a flying palm tree. Even then, the number of swings required to bust the window would draw a lot of attention from one of your neighbors. The police would be onsite before the intruder could steal anything of value or do any real harm.

Winter Cold Is Sealed Out

These windows are also designed to keep the torrential rains of a hurricane from entering your home and soaking it. Place the same windows in a northern home during a blizzard and guess what? Ice, snow, and cold cannot get inside. You would be warm, toasty, and dry all winter long. Combined with the other benefits above, it is definitely something to consider the next time you need to replace the windows on your home.

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