3 Solutions To Make Windows More Energy-Efficient Without Completely Replacing Them

There are some window improvements that can be costly, such as replacement windows. What if you want to find an affordable way to make your windows more energy-efficient? There are some great options to make the windows more efficient with solutions like glass replacement, films, or adding shutters and other window treatments. Here are some solutions that will help make the windows in your home more energy-efficient.

1. Installing Residential Glass Films To Improve Window Efficiency

Today, tint can be installed on a lot more than just the windows of your car. There are also options to install glass films on the windows of your home. These glass films can be clear, colored, or tinted, and help to reduce thermal heat transfer, which is the cause of energy loss through windows. This is a great improvement to consider in areas where your home gets the most sun, and heat gain in the summer causes you to use your AC more.

2. Replacing Glass To Update Older Windows With More Energy-Efficient Materials

You may also want to consider glass replacement to improve the energy efficiency of windows in your home. The existing glass in your home can be replaced with modern energy-efficient glass. Glass replacement is the ideal improvement for older windows and historic renovations where you want to preserve the original casing and frame of the opening. It also can be done when you do not want to do major renovations like new installation or replacement windows, which can often be costly.

3. Installing Shutters And Other Window Treatments That Help Improve Energy Efficiency

Shutters are another great option to consider for energy-efficient window improvements. There are many different options for shutters that can be installed on your home, such as exterior shutters, storm shutters, and roll-up shutters. In addition to shutters, there are also many different types of window treatments that can be used to make windows more efficient.

You may want to consider solutions like roman shades and curtains to help insulate windows. To get the most out of these energy-efficient improvements, you can combine solutions like shutters and window treatments to maximize the energy efficiency of the windows in your home.

These are some solutions that will help make the windows in your home more efficient with affordable improvements. If you are ready to update the windows in your home, contact a residential window repair contractor and discuss some of these options with them. 

For more information, contact your local residential glass service.